NBC Capital Advisors Provides
Customized Investment And Wealth Management Counsel.

NBC Capital Advisors is a team of professionals focused exclusively on providing objective financial advice and exceptional service to our clients. 

With our team, you will find experienced wealth management professionals who share a deep commitment to excellence and a true passion for investing. Together, we help coordinate and simplify our clients’ financial lives. 

our mission

Our mission is to run a business for you; a business that’s essential to your success but peripheral to your focus. We take work off your shoulders, and that includes helping you design a personalized financial plan and investment strategy for your life’s most important goals, managing it in a cost-effective way, managing risks and overseeing your progress, and being a valuable life-long resource for all your financial needs as they unfold over time.

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Measure us by the quality of our solutions and our results. We strive to provide insightful ideas on a regular basis that you wouldn’t have considered on your own, and execute them in ways that bring you success and peace of mind.

Meet the Team

David Nanson


Direct  |  Text  |  Fax  503.683.7728

Jason Bratt


Direct  |  Text  |  Fax  503.683.7727

Ashley Colvin, FPQP™

Wealth Advisor Associate
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Direct  |  Text  |  Fax  503.683.7726

Kenadi Berkey

Administrative Assistant

Direct  | Text  |  Fax 971.238.4785


Wealth Management

Where are you today? Where do you want to be in the future? How will you get there? What impact will your wealth have on your children or your community? Our goal is to provide you answers to these questions. 

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Portfolio Management

We take a “win by not losing” approach to investing.

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