Our Story

NBC Capital Advisors is a team of professionals focused exclusively on providing objective financial advice and exceptional service to our clients.

With our team, you will find experienced wealth management professionals who share a deep commitment to excellence and a true passion for investing. Together, we help coordinate and simplify our clients’ financial lives.

As a discretionary investment manager, we handle most investment decisions, eliminating many layers of fees that often erode client returns elsewhere. And because we make investment decisions directly, we can respond quickly and strategically to adjust client portfolios to capitalize on market conditions.

We accept a fiduciary relationship with all clients, ensuring we have not only an ethical but also a legal obligation to always act in our clients’ best interest.  

David Nanson


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Jason Bratt


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Ashley Colvin, FPQP™

Wealth Advisor Associate
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Core Values

Trust: Trust is the foundation of our team. As investment professionals, our reputation and our clients’ trust are our most important assets. Clients must trust their advisors to be honest and act with integrity, to be fully trained and competent professionals in their field, and to put the client’s best interest before their own. At NBC Capital Advisors, our guiding principles and our fee structure have been developed to help ensure we continually earn your trust over the course of our relationship.

Independence: We work only for our clients, keep their best interests ahead of our own, and accept only the fees agreed upon by our clients. All critical investment decisions are made by professionals, not by untrained staff. 

Our independent structure not only ensures our clients are insulated from many of the conflicts of interest that plague our industry, but also affords us direct decision-making ability for managing their portfolios and financial plans in times of crisis and opportunity alike. 

Service: We are passionate about providing meaningful service to our clients, to our community, and to our profession. With complex financial pictures to consider and more information available than ever, clients want someone on their side to help spot the signal from the noise and provide customized solutions to their specific needs. In our opinion, the advisor-client relationship is no longer simply one of annual meetings and occasional check-ins. It’s now one of 24/7 access and collaboration, supported by an ever-improving array of financial technology tools. Investors are looking for an experienced team they can trust to guide their holistic financial pictures with agility and ingenuity and to always seek to do what’s best for them. 

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